Paper Straws

Aardvark Straws offers one of the best plastic straw alternatives on the market. Made right here in the USA, Aardvark strives for environmental responsibility while offering fun, snazzy, USDA compliant products. You can even get your business's name or logo printed on straws for a custom look! Visit their site at to check out their awesome products.

Reusable Straws

Companies like Koffie Straw, Straw Sleeves, and The Final Straw offer wonderful products that eliminate the need for a disposable straw altogether. There are enough options to please just about anyone's preference on what a reusable straw should look like. The list of materials include stainless steel, glass, durable plastic, and most straws are offered in a wide variety of different colors. A quick Google search will easily bring more than a few reusable options into your life.

On Demand

Implementing an "On-Demand" policy at you restaurant, bar, or business can help to drastically cut down on plastic straw usage. Encourage your employees and coworkers to kindly let customers know that they will only be given a straw if one is requested. This easy in-house policy change can encourage clientele to either bring their own reusable straw or simply opt out all together.